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Buying a Business with BC Estate Business Brokers

Making Your Business Dream a Reality

buying businessDo you have the entrepreneurial spirit?

Has the time come for a new & exciting change?

Are you ready to manifest your business vision?

Being a business owner means more than just making money for your self: its about building your dream, manifesting the vision you desire for your self and your family, and living the lifestyle you choose.

Business ownership is a rewarding endeavour – one that is full of challenges, victories and happiness. It will call forth abilities and strengths that you may be surprised to discover you possess. It will also draw from you the great wisdom and creativity to break new ground and forge new paths for your business progress and your entrepreneurial development.

We Help You Connect to Your Ideal Business

At BC Estate we understand your desire to become a business owner. As business owners ourselves, we share that entrepreneurial drive.

Free Business Needs Analysis

Our free Business Needs Analysis (BNA) is a unique process that allows us to identify:

  • Your business vision
  • Your market position
  • Your asset requirements
  • Your leasehold requirements
  • Your financial parameters
  • Your return on investment criteria

It clarifies for us your specific business needs, which enables us to serve you more efficiently and effectively.

Using the BNA results, we will be able to locate the right business for you that meet or exceeds your business needs. This means you’ll get your business started right away, with ease and peace of mind.

Serving Your Business Acquisition Need

BC Estate serves entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen. We support you to manifest your business vision.

Based on your business vision, investment criteria and infrastructure requirements, there are four general ways that we serve you in your business acquisition needs:

  1. We locate a suitable vacant space that meets your business criteria and infrastructure requirements and negotiate favourable lease terms and conditions to allow you to outfit the premises to suit your business needs.
  1. We locate an existing business, which has most of the essential fixtures and equipment you require for your business concept. We negotiate favourable price and terms for the business acquisition, allowing you to quickly start your business with minimal set-up time or construction costs.
  1. We locate an existing business that is exactly what you have envisioned for your business venture. We negotiate favourable price and terms for the business acquisition so that you may continue to operate the existing business in a turnkey manner.
  1. We locate a long-term successful fully turnkey business that meets your investment returns criteria so that you may take over a fully systemized and automated business that will give you a solid and secure return on your investment.

What ever your business needs and financial requirements maybe, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to serve you successfully. This means you start your business swiftly, cost effectively, diligently and with peace of mind, that promotes maximum success for your new business venture.

At BC Estate, your business vision is our business vision.

Call us today to schedule your free Business Needs Analysis and get your business started.